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CORE is an acredited ICANN register. RED6 simply acts on the client's behalf. The client owns the registered domain name.
Please read our contract and dispute resolution policy.

We will send you an e-mail confirmation when we receive and activate your domain (mostly within 12hrs). Your order is not complete until you have received an e-mail confirmation.

RED6! More than 17 Millions domains been registered until now. And 15,000 names being registered everyday! Don’t you feel this is the time to register your Register your unique domain name today! Before someone else does it ...

You should check the domain name availability, before you fill the following form.

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The e-mail address must be a working e-mail account, not an e-mail associated with the domain you are registering.

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You need at least 2 servers that will answer requests for you domain name:
(must be registered with InterNic, if you do not know check nameservers here)

Primary DNS.
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Host name:     IP number:
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Options (only with our DNS):

URL redirection: www.SuDominio ----->
(you can use any web site/page)

EMAIL redirection: email@SuDominio --->
(any mail to your domain is sent to this email account)

I prefer the email account POP3/SMTP (excludes the EMAIL redirection)

Companies and individuals from outside Chile don't have to pay the IVA tax anyway.

If the billing contact is a company from Chile, please fill the following fields:






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